Hanan's Chocolate Biscuit Log (Lazy Cake)

recipe by Hanan Kuba

This dessert is essentially an icebox cake, made with tea biscuits and chocolate, very common in the middle east and Great Britain.  It is commonly called "lazy cake" because of how easy it is to make.  Its a great dessert for the summer months, when the last thing you want to do is turn on the oven.  Plus, its great to have one in the freezer to serve to unexpected guests and everyone loves it.

4 eggs
3/4 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1 stick unsalted butter
1 sleeve tea biscuits (about 33 cookies)

Melt 1 stick of butter in a medium saucepan.  Mix the cocoa powder into the melted butter until smooth. In a medium bowl whisk the eggs, sugar and vanilla until well blended.  Whisk the egg mixture into the chocolate mixture.  Heat the mixture over medium-low heat for about 5 minutes until it becomes thick (like a custard), stirring contstantly.  Place tea biscuits in a plastic freezer bag and break up into medium-small pieces (using a rolling pin or just break them up with your hands).  In another bowl, combine the chocolate mixture and the biscuits.  Once they are well combined, return to the freezer bag and form into a log.  Wrap the log up tightly and place in the freezer for 2-4 hours, until it becomes firm.  Store the freezer for up to several months.  To serve, thaw slightly and slice.  Enjoy!

Grab what you'll need:  Sugar, butter, eggs, vanilla, unsweetened cocoa powder and tea biscuits.

If you pre-measure the ingredients it makes it even easier.

Melt the butter in a saucepan over medium heat.

While the butter is melting, whisk the eggs in a medium sized bowl.

Add sugar and continue whisking until completely combined.

Add vanilla and whisk some more.  Set aside while you prepare chocolate sauce.

Add the cocoa powder to the melted butter in the saucepan.

Stir until it becomes a smooth chocolate sauce.

Add egg mixture slowly to chocolate mixture.

Return saucepan heat and cook on medium-low for about 5 minutes until the mixture thickens, stirring constantly.

The mixture should become thick like a custard.

In another bowl, combine chocolate mixture and broken-up tea biscuits.

Gently mix until all the biscuits are coated with the chocolate mixture.

Transfer the mixture to a freezer bag.

Shape the mixture into a log.

Make sure the log is smooth and rolled tightly.  Place in freezer for several hours or overnight until firm.  

When ready to serve, slice into 1/4 inch pieces and enjoy!


  1. I havent made this since I was on sham.
    Not until Syria get better I wouldve never remembered Thank you.love your.blog so informative


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